Philly Jobs. Not Taxes.

Philly Jobs. Not Taxes! is a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses and community organizations actively opposing any new beverage taxes on common grocery items like juice drinks, sodas, teas, sports drinks, and fountain sodas. Philadelphians can’t afford the taxes or the jobs we could lose as a result.

Families in Philadelphia are already struggling to make ends meet. We can’t afford any new taxes on top of our other rising expenses.  Higher prices at the grocery store are the last thing we need.  There could not be a worse time to ask hardworking families to pay more for their groceries.  The Mayor and City Council needs to find a way to get control of their own spending habits without piling on more taxes.

Higher taxes will drive customers away from local businesses into surrounding suburbs to do their shopping, negatively impacting grocery and convenience store owners and their employees.  This regressive tax will have the greatest impact on families who can least afford it without the means to travel outside the city to avoid it.

The beverage industry in Philadelphia currently supports thousands of jobs and contributes millions of dollars in economic activity for our city.  With an unemployment rate of over 11 percent, this is not the time to put these and other related industry good-paying jobs at risk.

We can decide what’s best for our families without government help.  The Mayor and City Council should trim their own wasteful spending and leave our grocery budgets alone.

We oppose putting Philadelphia jobs – and families – in jeopardy. We oppose a regressive tax on certain beverages.

Help send a strong message that this is not the time to increase taxes on Philadelphia’s hardworking families.

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