Philly Jobs. Not Taxes! is a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses and community organizations actively opposing any new beverage taxes on everyday grocery items like juice drinks, sodas, teas, chocolate milk, sports drinks, and fountain sodas. Philadelphians can’t afford the taxes or the jobs we could lose as a result.

Coalition Members

007 Convenience Store – Snyder
11th Street Deli – Snyder
12th St. Cantina – Washington Square
1928 Deli – Snyder
19th Street Mini Market – South Broad
24-7 Food Market – Logan Square
24-7 Food Mart – Art Museum
3 Sisters Grocery – Strawberry Mansion
3rd Street Cafe
49 Stop Food Market – Cobbs Creek
51 Race Food Market – Overbrook
51st Street Mini Market – Kingsessing
55th Street Food Market – Overbrook
61st Locust Food Market – Cobbs Creek
63rd St. Pizza – Elmwood
64 Street Supermarket
64th St. Supermarket – Overbrook
7 Eleven – Francisville
7-11 – Filbert Street
7-11 – Kinsessing
7-11 – Passayunk
7-11 – South Broad
7-11 – University City
7-11 Center City – Center City
7-11 Food Store
7-11 Store #25065
777 Super Market – Grays Ferry
8 Brothers Food Market – Elmwood
99 Cents and Up Store – Oxford Circle
9th Street Grocery Store – Snyder
A & A Food Market – Fairmont
A-J Market Inc. – Eastwick
A-Plus – Packer Park
A.P. J. Texas Wieners
Abest Vensinj
Abreau Grocery
Academy Sabres Youth Association – Parkwood
Accu Pizza Inc. – Cobbs Creek
Action Hair Salon
Advanced Services
AFM Humphreys
Al’s Corner Deli – Mayfair
Aladdin Food Market
Albanus Grocery
Allegros Pizza & Grill – University City
AM 1340 WHAT
Amaco – Juniata
American C&C – Northern Liberties
Ami Food Market – Oxford Circle
Amoco BP – Northern Liberties
Ana Grocery – Kingsessing
Andy’s Deli – Juniata Park
Andy’s Snack Store
Angad Lane
Angela’s Pizza
Anoop Enterprises LLC – Juniata Park
Aracena Grocery – Oxford Circle
Archway Restaurant – Old City
Arco Sales Co. – Frankford
Aria Health
Asian Chao – Airport
Asian Food
Asociación de Comerciantes Dominicanos
Aspire Entity – Fairhill
Aspire Entity – Hunting Park
Associated Deli and Grocery – Overbrook
Astro Gas Station
ATW Pharmacy – Bridesburg
Auntie Anne’s – Society Hill
Auntie Anne’s – University City
Auntie Anne’s Inc.
B&O Beer Distributor – Feltonville
Bally’s Pizza
Barb & Suzy’s Kitchen
Barry’s Lobby
Bass Pizza
Beer Garden – Chinatown
Beka’s – Torresdale
Bell Beverage
Bell Lobby Shop, Inc. – Logan Square
Bella Vista – Queens Village
Ben Towne Deli – Washington Sq.
Bertolino’s Pharmacies – Italian Market
Best of Italy – South Broad
Bill’s Family Pizza
Big Al’s Italiano – Rhawnhurst
Big Top Beverage – Eastwick
Bon Appetit Management – University City
Bourse News – Independence Mall
Bourse Nuts – Independence Mall
Boutros – Rittenhouse
Boutros Greek – Center City
BP Amoco – Hunting Park
Brick House Bar & Grill – Torresdale
Bridesburg Pizza – Bridesburg
Brock’s Wings
Broilers A Plus – Queens Village
Brothers Two Lounge – South Broad
Bruce’s Gift & Lobby Shop
Bruce’s Lobby Shop – Rittenhouse
Buist Food Market
Cafe Aroma
Campo’s – Old City
Canada Dry Delaware Valley Bottling Co.
Canteen Dining – Fairmount
Caribena Bakery – Fairhill
Caribena Bakery – Hunting Park
Carolina Market – Kensington
Castro Groceries – Point Breeze
Cellini’s Grocery – Italian Market
Central Pizza – Kensington
Chestnut Food Market – Old City
Chestnut Food Market – Washington Sq.
Chestnut Food Mart
Chez Rosaire
Chicki’s Italian Deli – Point Breeze
Chickie’s & Pete’s
Chillin Pizza Restaurant – Eastwick
China Express – Society Hill
Choo’s Market – East Mt. Airy
Chop Stick House
Christian Street Pharmacy – Point Breeze
Christina Lobby Stand
Christopher Grocery – Logan
Chung King Inc.
Cirino’s Deli – Northern Liberties
Citgo Station – Oxford Circle
City Bistro – Logan Square
Coast to Coast – Queens Village
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of the Lehigh Valley
Coca-Cola Company, The
Col Buns Deli – Queens Village
Colburn’s Deli – Queens Village
Colonial Pizza – University City
Complete Auto Car Wash
Constar International Inc.
Convenient Food Market
Convenient Food Market – Mayfair
Cosi Inc. – University City
Costa Pizza & Grill
Country Farm Grocery – Pennsport
Cousin’s Market – Fairhill
Cousin’s Market – Hunting Park
Cousins Food Market
Coventry Deli – Center City
Cravings, LLC – Rittenhouse
Creatigve Advertising Specialties
Crescendo Café – Center City
Cristo Rey Tienda Mexicana – Italian Market
Cristol Grocery
Cruz Grocery – Northern Liberties
Cumberland Food Mart
Curreng Now
Dacri’s Lobby – Independence Hall
Dashin Grocery Inc. – Cobbs Creek
Day Night Pizza – Packer Park
Dean’s Food Market – Point Breeze
Delancy Market – Cobbs Creek
Delancy Pizza
Delgado Market
Delicious Bites
Diamcinites Pizza
Diaz Food Market – Northern Liberties
DiBruno Brothers – Center City
DJ Casmirri Inc. – Logan Sq.
Dollar Variety – Convenient Center
Dominican Corner Store
Dominican Corner Store – Oxford Circle
Donna’s Variety Store – South Broad
Dragon Food
Drexel Pizza
Dunkin’ Donuts
Duran Grocery
Dutch Eating Place
East Coast Labor Relations LLC
Eclison Mini Market
Economic Grocery – Ogontz
Economic Grocery – University City
Ed’s Pizza – Overbrook
Eddie’s Distributor
Eddie’s Pizza – Temple
Edmund Market – Tacony
Eds Wings Pizza – University City
El Placer Restaurant – Feltonville
Ellen’s Bagels, Hoagies, and more – Center City
Ellen’s Italian Hoagies – Feltonville
Elvis Rodriquez Grocery – Elmwood
Empire Foods – Washington Square
Ena Foods Inc. – Cobb’s Creek
Evans Pizza – University City
Evergreen Deli – Society Hill
Everyone’s Racket – Washington Square
Everyone’s Racquet – Convention Center
Exxon – Feltonville
Exxon-N. Broad – Nicetown
Faber Coe and Gregg
Falafel Factory – Elmwood
Family Style Pizza – Eastwick
Famous 4th St. Cookie Co. – Chinatown
Felix Diaz Grocery
Fine Fare Market – Northern Liberties
Fine Food Market Inc. – Bridesburg
First Food Market – University City
Fishtown Pizza – Kensington
Five Star Deli – University City
Flying Fish Seafood – South Broad
Flying Monkey Patisserie
Food Bazaar
Food Market
Food Trade News
Foodery – Washington Square
Four Season Meat Market – Rittenhouse
Four Sons Pizza Inc.
Framers Workwoom – Rittenhouse
Francisco Mini Market – Oxford Circle
Frank’s Hardware Store
Franklin Beverage
GA Napoli Inc. – Queens Village
Gaetano’s Steaks & Subs – Torresdale
Galaxy Brothers Sunoco – Mayfair
Gateway #1 – Center City
Gateway #2 – Center City
Genesis Produce Grocery
George’s Sandwich Shop
Geovanna’s Pizzeria – Harrowgate
Geovanna’s Pizzeria – Juniata Park
Getty Gas Station – Francisville
Getty Station – Pennypack
Gianfranco Pizza
Giavani’s Pizza – Germantown
Giovani Pizza – Center City
Giovanni Pizza – Old City
Girard Food & Gas Mart Inc.
Girard Supermarket – Northern Liberties
Gold Star Pizza – Rittenhouse
Golden Bowl Restaurant – Elmwood
Golden China
Gomes Grocery – Rittenhouse
Gomez Grocery – Kensington
Gomez Grocery – Overbrook
Gonzalez Grocery
Good Day Deli
Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
Greenhouse Food Market – Queens Village
Grill Master Deli
Grocery Convenience
H Mart
H1 Chinese Restaurant
Han-Wool Restaurant
Han’s Lobby – Kingsessing
Harrison Grocery – Northwood
Hatville Deli
Headline News – Logan Square
Headline News – Point Breeze
Hecker’s Deli – Juniata Park
Heim’s Deli – Bustleton
Heim’s Deli Inc.
Henriquez Food Market – Cobb’s Creek
Herr’s Chips – Center City
Herrera Grocery – Nicetown
Hershel’s East Side Deli – Washington Sq.
Hess – Oxford Circle
Holiday Inn – Old City
Holy’s Food Market
Honey Restaurant – Old City
Hoops Deli – University City
IGA – Francisville
Independence Visitor Center – Society Hill
Indonesia Store & Restaurant LLC.
Italian Bistro – Parkside
Izumi Restaurant – Italian Market
J & P Seafood – Cobbs Creek
J and J Pizza
J and J South Philly Pizza – Italian Market
J-Di Deli
J.C. Supermarket
J’s Mini Mart
J&B Deli and Grocery
J&J South Philly Pizza
J&K Deli
Jake’s Cheesesteaks
Jaquez Grocery
Jay’s Circle Mart
Jay’s Deli – Washington Square
JC Food Market – Francisville
Jim’s Pretzels
JK Food Market – Overbrook
JL’s Beer Box – Pennypack
JM Grocery – Francisville
Joa Mart
Joann Grocery – Harrowgate
Joann Grocery – Juniata Park
Joe Eni Grocery
Joe Joe’s Variety
Joe Pancella’s Exxon – Northwood
Joe’s Pizza
Joel Grocery
John’s New Pizza – Pennypack
John’s Place – Center City
Josie’s Food Market – South Broad
Josies Food Market
JP Food Service Inc.
Juan Jose Minimarket – Italian Market
Jun’s Market
June’s Food Market – West Oak Lane
K & J Wholesale – Hunting Park
K&T Wholesale – Feltonville
Katerina’s Pizza
Kemble Grocery – Ogontz
Key Food Pizza – Italian Market
Kim B Grocery – Center City
Kim Van Del Grocery – South of South
Kim Woa Store – Society Hill
Kim Woo Store
Kim’s News – Convention Center
King Deli – Mayfair
Kitty’s Kitchen – Elmwood
KJ’s Pizza
Koreana Restaurant – Overbrook
Krakus Market – Bridesburg
Kristin Pizza – Northern Liberties
L&R Food Market
La Bodega – Kensington
La Jarochita Market
La Lupe Restaurant – Italian Market
La Parada – Logan
La Sarachila Mexican Wholesale – Strawberry Mansion
Laly’s Place
Lanoya Pizza House – Italian Market
Latimer Deli
Laventura Food Market
Lazano’s Pizzeria & Grill – South
Le Bus – South Broad
Le Petit Bistro
Libau Restaurant – Harrowgate
Libau Restaurant – Juniata Park
Liberty Chicken – Cobbs Creek
Liberty Mini Market – Elmwood
Liberty Newsstatnd – South Broad
Liberty Steaks & Pizza – Society Hill
Lickety Splitz – Society Hill
Lobby Shop
Lopez Grocery – Cobb’s Creek
Lorenzo’s Pizza – Kingsessing
Los Chapales Inc. – Snyder
Los Jalapenos – Queens Village
Los Pericos Grocery – Italian Market
Los Volcandes
LSR Food Market
Lucky News
Luk Oil – Pennypack
Luk Oil – Point Breeze
M&M Grocery – Parkside
Maki of Japan #104
Mama’s Vegetarian – Kensington
Mandis Deli – Kensington
Manjit Singh
Margaret Mini Market – Frankford
Maria Food Market – Kingsessing
Maria’s Grocery – Hunting Park
Marie’s Vending
Marte Grocery – Elmwood
Mary Deli
Mary Deli – East Mt. Airy
Master Grocery – Penns Landing
Mauro Grocery – Snyder
Mayo Mini Market
Mayo Mini Market – Hunting Park – Fairhill
Maze Vegetarian – Society Hill
MCA Solutions Inc.
McDonald’s – Adams Ave.
McDonald’s – Frankfort Ave.
McDonald’s – Torresdale Ave.
McDonald’s – W. Girard Ave.
McDonald’s – W. Leigh Ave.
McDonald’s USA
McDonalds Family Restaurants – Ogontz Ave.
Medical Towers Pharmacy – Rittenhouse Sq.
Melo Inc.
Mezquita Grocery – Ogontz
Mezze – Strawberry Mansion
MF Food Market – Cedarbrook
Mi Mi Yang
Michael Campo – Old City
Michael Deli – Pennsport
Mike’s Service Center – Roxborough
Milano’s Pizza Catering
Miller’s Twist
Millevoi Bros. Auto
Millevoi Bros. Auto. – Torresdale
Mix Pizza – Cobbs Creek
Moe’s Hot Dog House – Point Breeze
Mom’s Variety – Rittenhouse
Monde Market
Montesini Pizza Restaurant – Mayfair
Monti Wholesale Foods – South Broad
Moore Beverage – Pennsport
Moscow duco Tavern
Mr. Chicken – Elmwood
Mr. Hool’s Fish & Chicken
Museum Deli
Museum Market
MVP – Millcreek
N.E. Agera
Nazhai Grocery & Produce
Neighborhood Deli – South Broad
New Boston Pizza – Rhawnhurst
New Dennis Pizza II – Cobb’s Creek
New Pizza Palace
New Town Food Market
New York Pizza II
Nicolletti Beverage
Nino’s Grocery – South Broad
Not Just Pizza – Cobbs Creek
Number 1 China – Torresdale
Nuts Plus – Convention Center
NYPD Pizza – Washington Square
O.K. Food Market
Oaks Pharmacy
Oalls Pharmacy – Queens Village
Obento Sushi
Ocean Harbor Restaurant – Center City
Oh So Good – Chinatown
OK Food Market
Old Nelson – Washington Square
Old York Express Inc.
Old York Road Express Inc. – East Oak Lane
Olympic Gyro, Inc.
Oregon Express – Overbrook
Orena Inc. – Center City
Original Village Pizza
Our Market – East Oak Lane
Owl’s Nest
Pac a Deli – Snyder
Pagano’s – Old City
Palmtree Market – Northern Liberties
Palomas Food Market – Point Breeze
Papsi Groceries – Kingsessing
Pastrami and Things – South Broad
Peace A Deli
Peace A Pizza
Pem Vennin
Penalta Food Market – Elmwood
Penn Mart Discount – Kensington
Penn Realty Market – Northern Liberties
Pennport Deli – Queens Village
Pennsport Market – Riverfront
Pennsylvania Beverage Association
Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council
Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association
Pennsylvania Restaurant Association
Pennsylvania Tavern Association
Pepsi Beverages Company
Peralta Mini Market – Art Museum
Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Philadelphia Dominican Grocers Association, The
Philly Foodmart – Francisville
Philly Nosheri – Rittenhouse Sq.
Philly Pretzel Factory – Kensington
Philly Soft Pretzel Factory – Pennsport
Picanha Brazilian Grill – Oxford Circle
Pichardos Market – Northern Liberties
Pickwick Pharmacy – Chinatown
Pine St. Deli – Rittenhouse Sq.
Pine Street Pizza – Cobbs Creek
Pine Street Pizza – Washington Square
Pita Pit – Center City
Pizza Palace
Pizza Party – Harrowgate
Pizza Party – Juniata Park
Pizza Rustica – Art Museum
Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness – Lawncrest
Port Deli – Kensington
Port Richmond Pharmacy – Kensington
Primo Food Market, LLC – Cobbs Creek
PTR Baler and Compactor Co.
Public Record Paper
Quick Check – Cobbs Creek
Quick Quality
R&L Supermarket – Nicetown
Rachall’s Nosheri
Ralph’s Market – Cobbs Creek
Ramon Pharmacy – Mayfair
Randazzo Pizza – South
Rex Pizza – Taconey
Reye Grocery – West Oak Lane
Reyes Deli Grocery
Reyes Grocery – Cobbs Creek
Rhawnhurst Café – Rhawnhurst
Richie Deli – Pennsport
Richie’s Pizza – Temple
Right Triangle, Inc.
Rising Sun Dollar Plus
Riverview News – South Broad
Robinson Grocery Inc. – Snyder
Roble’s Grocery – Logan
Rocco’s Italian Sausage – Queens Village
Rodriguez Grocery – Nicetown
Rojas Grocery
Romeo Pizza – Packer Park
Rosario Food Market – South Broad
Rosario Grocery – Washington Sq.
Rosie’s Deli
S. Awan Ta Dynama Dollar – Elmwood
S&A Classic Pizza – Harrowgate
S&A Classic Pizza – Juniata Park
Salad Express
Salvatore’s Pizza
Sam’s Fresh Spot – Washington Square
Sam’s Grocery – Feltonville
Sanchez Grocery – Rittenhouse
Santini’s South Philly Grille
Santos Groceries – Center City
Santucci Square Pizza
Sarku Japan Sushi
Sassafras Market – Overbrook
Saxby’s Coffee
Scola Brothers – Washington Sq.
Scotty Variety – Queens Village
Serv Rite
Shanks Original
Shanni Enterprise – Center City
Shell Gas Station – Roxborough
Shiu Food Market – Parkside
Shop Carry
Simonettas Hoagies
Snyder Grocery – Cobbs Creek
Snyder Mini Market – Snyder
SoHo Pizza – Old City
Sonny’s Steaks – Old City
Sorreno Bona Pizza
Speedy Food Market – Mayfair
Spot @ Rittenhouse
St. Lukes Day School – Parkwood
Star Catering Group – Center City
Station Steak and Fries – Queens Village
Steaks on South – Nicetown
Steve’s Cheesesteaks
Stones Beverage Center – Fairmont
Suburban Pharmacy
Subway – Logan Sq.
Sun Shine – Fairhill
Sun Shine – Hunting Park
Sunil Headline – Old City
Sunoco – Nicetown
Sunoco – Northern Liberties
Sunoco – Rittenhouse Square
Sunoco A Plus
Sunoco A Plus – Cobbs Creek
Sunoco A Plus – E. Oak Lane
Sunoco A Plus – East Oak Lane
Sunoco A Plus – Oxford Circle
Sunoco A Plus – Roosevelt Blvd.
Sunoco A Plus Mini Market
Surprise Mini Market – Overbrook
Sushi Bar – Chinatown
T & T Market – Point Breeze
Tang’s Grocery – Penns Landing
Tanner P’s Deli
Teamsters Local Union 830
Teamsters Joint Council #53
Tesada Grocery – Nicetown
Texas Weiners – Cobbs Creek
The Fresh Grocer – Overbrook
The Kibitz Room – Parkside
The Market – Pennsport
The New Family Grocery
The Rib Stand
The Spot at Rittenhouse
Three J Food Market
Three J Grocery
Tokyo Lunch Box
Tokyo Lunch Box – Center City
Tokyo Sushi
Tommy’s Pizza – Kensington
Tony Lukes – Washington Sq.
Tony’s Pizza – Kensington
Top Cat Town Watch
Top Quality Pizza
Top Quality Pizza – Oxford Circle
Torres Grocery – Germantown
Torres Grocery – Ogontz
Town Food Market
Trax Foods – Northern Liberties
Tribeca Coffee – Elmwood
Tribhovan Corp. – Italian Market
Twisted Enterprises – Cobbs Creek
Two Brothers Mini Market
Uncle Walt Deli – Queens Village
Under the C Seafood – Center City
Urena Food Market
Ventura Grocery – Elmwood
Verree Express Pizza
Verree Pharmacy
Vir Con Society Hill
Wallace Market – Fairmont
Wan’s Seafood Inc. – Center City
Washington Square Pharmacy – South Broad
Wayne Junction
Wendy’s Corporation – South Broad
West Side Food Market – South Broad
White Goldman – Hunting Park
Wilson Aramingo Beverage LLC – Juniata Park
Wings to Go #25
Xpress Food Market – South
Xpress Food Mart
Y Honda Ta Grocery – Pennsport
Yellow Front Market – Francisville
Young’s Harvest Market


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